Seminars Overview

Intensive weekend to week-long trainings tailored to the practitioner's level

Center Director Scott M. Rodell teaches regular seminars across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. His seminars fall into four general catagoies: Topical, Chinese Swordsmanship, Way of the Jianke, and Bannerman Camps.  Each category of seminar is designed to meet the training needs of the group's skill level and experience.


Topical seminars focus on particular aspects taijiquan's principles, cirriculum, and application. For example, Rodell presents seminars on the form and martial applications, basic exercises, and push hands (tuishou). 

Rodell demonstrates the use of knees in a sanshou (free sparring) applications seminar for the Estonian students.

Chinese Swordsmanship

Rodell's most popular seminars are Chinese Swordsmanship workshops where he instructs students not in sword forms, but in the martial use of the Chinese straight sword or jian. These seminars are based on a thorough understanding of basic cuts as a foundation for the practice of Chinese swordsmanship and include pair drills and foot work that work toward free swordplay. 

Rodell demonstrates a partnered drill at a Chinese Swordsmanship seminar in Michigan.

Way of the Jianke

Jianke is Mandarin for "swordsman" and provides an overarching focus for this seminar series. These trainings mix various aspects of the way of the Chinese sword, push hands (tuishou) and other elements of the system. Their goal is more an improvement in a student's skill level more than in presenting specific technique. 

Way of the Jianke students practice drills and free swordplay designed to improve their existing skill set.  

Bannerman Camps

Bannerman Camps, like the Way of the Jianke series, also focus on refining existing skills rather than learning new ones. However, these camps provide added training sessions in Manchu archery and may or may not include mounted archery.  Rodell leads Bannerman Camps solo and in concert with other teachers as the group size and circumstances dictate. 

Rodell demonstrates Manchu archery technique at a training in Vermont.