Dandao & Miaodao

Two Chinese Long Saber Traditions

Center Director Scott M. Rodell was featured in a new Man at Arms Reforged episode on the Dandao. This was the first historically based episode in this popular web series. Thanks to Baltimore Knife and Sword and Defy Media for their support of Chinese Historical Swordsmanship.




Training Dandao Update from Tiger’s Den

The Dandao prototype is now finished and has been shipped off to Scott M. Rodell for testing.

As per the dimensions stated in the Dandaofa Xian, the MuDandao is over 5 feet long, and has a 15 inch long handle. Like the originals, the back of the blade is faceted, and most of the curvature starts from about half way along.

It weighs a very respectable 1275g and is surprisingly lively for such a long mudao.

Designed specifically for strength, the guard is made of cross-laminated hickory, and the blade/handle is made from a single piece of specially selected hickory.

The tip is also shaped for maximum strength, and conforms to TSCSL regulations

The guard and the handle both have internal balance weights, which makes the dandao very responsive and gives it authentic handling characteristics.    



CCTV Documentary about the Founder of the Dandao System, Master Cheng Zong You.

Year of the Dandao Official Supplier for wooden training weapons is Graham Cave of Tiger’s Den. Please visit his website: http://tigersden.co.uk/


2016 marks the 400th Anniversary of the publication the Dandaofa Xuan, a unique manual in the history of Chinese Swordsmanship. Written during the late Ming dynasty, this manual focuses on the use of a particularly long, two-handed Chinese saber, the dandao. It was the first Chinese book on swordsmanship penned in a straight forward, how to fashion, the way manuals are generally written today. It was also the first Chinese manual where diagrams and illustrations accompanied the text and that codified a form. 

This new translation includes period images for each of the 34 techniques presented in the Dandaofa Xuan. The translator, Scott M. Rodell, is well known for his work in Chinese historical swordsmanship and Manchu Archery and brings to bear his over 40 years of training to make the Classical Chinese text easy reading. 

This translation is teacher Rodell's seventh book on Chinese martial arts.

Year of the Dandao Official Supplier for wooden training weapons is Graham Cave of Tiger’s Den. Please visit his website: http://tigersden.co.uk/