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The Martial and the Civil in Yang Style TaijiquanGRTC"...taijiquan (tai chi chuan) is no less a martial art than a systematic method for promoting health, relaxation, and meditative calm."
Youth Chinese Swordsmanship Camp a Very Successful FirstGRTC“The last three years have seen a tremendous growth in Chinese swordsmanship. In this short time, the art moved literally from the precipice of extinction to having a...”
Taiji Sword Festival 2002Irina Tokareva
Narva Weekly
“On the lawn in front of the Mereranna Spa several dozen people move in a single rhythm, graceful and coordinated, literally dancing to music that only they can hear...”
Wang Yen-nien ‘Famous Yang Style TaijiQuan Martial Artist’Zeng Huiping
Great Sports Daily
“At first Wang thought to practice to stay healthy. Unexpectedly, he became a Wulin Gao Shou – Highly Skilled Martial Artist...”
Second International Swordplay FestivalGRTC"Students from three continents converged on the small town of Otepaa, Estonia to take part in the International Swordplay Festival for Chinese Traditions."
Scott M. Rodell Interviewed in Sports StarSports Star magazine"...Ten years ago a couple of individuals from Narva visited his school in Washington; after that Rodell has repeatedly been to Estonia to teach taijiquan."
Interview with Wang Yen-nienGRTC"In 1996, Wang Yen-nien visited Great River to teach Advanced Taoist Nei Gong Mediation and Basic Sword Cuts..."
Way of the JiankeGRTCThe Way of the Jianke is available as a poster series in 18” X 24” or 24” X 36” from Great River Taoist Center (contact: or