Chinese Swordsmanship

Thursdays, 6:40-8:15pm

Movies often present Chinese swordsmanship in a fanciful light, with leaping and flying swordsmen. At Great River, students of the sword study the historical way of the Chinese jianke, or swordsman. Chinese historical swordsmanship focuses on developing five essential characteristics in the swordsman - versatility, speed, internal power, courage and calm. While most contemporary students of Chinese martial arts only learn sword forms, at Great River students of Chinese swordsmanship practice the entire system. This begins with basic cuts and two-person drills, progresses to form work, then moves to test cutting and free swordplay.

For more information, please refer to Chinese Swordsmanship page. 

Scott M. Rodell demonstrating proper deflecting technique against a thrust in the taiji jian tradition.