Saturdays, 10:00am-12:30pm

In Great River’s sanshou program, students take the body mechanics they’ve learned from the form, their knowledge of application, and the sensitivity develop in tuishou and apply it in practical self-defense situations.  Class begins with a regiment of basic exercises and strength training designed to toughen the body and build endurance for free sparring situations.  From the there class turns to training the building blocks and techniques needed to be able to apply the art of taijiquan in a full-speed, full-contact situation.  Topics covered in the class include: 

  • Striking technique using taijiquan’s internal method
  • Deflecting technique using basic movements like roll-back (), ward-off (peng), and split (lie)
  • Power training with bag work and weapons to build strength and endurance
  • Stepping technique to properly close and maintain distance in an altercation
  • Strategy for dealing with a variety of opponents and in a variety of armed and unarmed scenarios

The class’s aim is to give the student not only the techniques but also the strength and inner calm needed to deal with potentially violent altercations in an appropriate and decisive manner.

Sanshou students systematically practice applications directly from the hand forms, such the "Wield the Pipa" movement shown here.