Michuan Form

Tuesday, 6:40-8:00pm

Once students have developed a strong foundation of body mechanics and understanding of application through practice of the short form and tuishou, they will be invited to learn the Yangjia Michuan (Yang Family Secret Teaching) form.  The form derives its name from traditional teaching practices, in which the system was only transmitted to those disciple students who had shown sufficient dedication and improvement.  The system comes to us through the Center Director, Scott M. Rodell, his teacher Wang Yen-nien, and his teacher’s teacher Zhang Qinlin, who learned the system directly from the Yang family’s Yang Jianhou.

The Michuan form adheres to the same set of basic principles shared by all Yang style forms but emphasizes different types of postures and techniques.  For instance, the form’s movements are predominantly rear-weighted in nature, whereas the short form Great River students first learn contains mostly front-weighted postures.  The longer duration of the Michuan form (taught in three sections totaling an hour in length) affords more variations in stepping and striking techniques, which provide more versatility in dealing with a variety of martial situations. 

Far from being just another form for the practitioner to collect, learning Michuan system provides the seasoned student with a new perspective on familiar concepts and movements, thus deepening their understanding of the art as a whole.  The teaching of each section is followed by a term of applications work, in which each posture’s basic movements are explained and then practiced through partner work.

Master Wang Yen-nien explains the shoulder-stroke posture from the Yangjia Michuan form, Center Director Scott M. Rodell demonstrating.