Intermediate Form

Mon. & Wed. 7:00-8:00pm

Once students have an elemental understanding of the basic principles that underly the short form, they enter the Intermediate Form class to study a variety of topics, including:  

  • Investigating the martial applications of each posture through partnered drilling.  This practice enables the student to imagine more effectively the usage of each posture while executing the form.
  • Further refining one's understanding of movement principles like "separation of weight" and fangsong (lit. "let loose, unclench", to release the muscles while moving from the bones and ligaments)
  • Adding the proper sequence of breathing to the form, which is closely related to each movement's application.
  • Learn the proper method of qi circulation will enhance the internal aspect of form work.  Qi circulation in taijiquan is specific to the art and should not be taken from other forms of qigong.

Students taking the Intermediate Form class are also encouraged to stay for the Beginning Tuishou class to learn taijiquan's partnered exercise, tuishou (lit. "push hands").

Intermediate students refine the body mechanics of the form as well as explore each movement's practical application.