Advanced Tuishou

Tuesday, 8:00-9:30pm

Once the student has demonstrated sufficient skill in basic tuishou fundamentals like “sticking and following”, proper pushing technique, and the eight basic movements, they will be invited to join the Advanced Tuishou class.  In this class, intermediate and advanced practitioners will explore a variety of topics and drills aimed at increasing their tuishou ability, including

  • Pushing drills to develop one’s ability to fajin (lit. “release energy”, or to push using taijiquan’s full body method)
  • Michuan (Secret Teaching) tuishou exercises that refine technique as well as strengthen and stretch the body
  • Fixed and Moving step drills, including preset dalu two-person sets, which provide a controlled environment for combining technique with active stepping
  • Open restricted and moving step tuishou with more advanced players to test one’s skill at moving with and deflecting the energy of a moving partner.

Advancing one’s tuishou skill in this class gives the student a deeper understanding of the listening and circularizing skills that permeate all aspects of the art.  The more rigorous exercises and free tuishou will also help develop the calm mind and robust body mechanics needed to apply good technique in both sanshou (free sparring) and weapons practice.     

Advanced tuishou students in Estonia practice free fixed step tuishou (or "push hands") at an intensive seminar.