Zhang Qinlin

3rd Generation Teacher

Zhang Qinlin (1888-1967) was a third generation teacher of the Yangjia Michuan (Yang Family Secret) Taijiquan tradition.  Born in the Xingtai county of Hebei province, China, Zhang sought out a martial arts teacher at the age 14 after his parents died.  Eventually, he came under the instruction of the nearby Yang family, first under Yang Chengfu and then Chengfu’s father, Yang Jianhou. 

Zhang trained with Yang family until 1925, when he moved to Shanxi province in order to take up an occupation as a fur merchant.  It was in Shanxi that he took Wang Yen-nien as his student and transmitted to him the Yangjia Michuan teachings.

Zhang won notoriety for martial arts skill in 1929, when the Chinese government sponsored a national fighting championship, inviting each province to send two competitors, one each for the armed and unarmed divisions.  Zhang was selected to represent Shanxi province after winning his province’s regional competition.  He went on to win the national championship in the unarmed category later that year.

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One of the few known portraits of Zhang Qinlin.