Wang Yen-Nien

4th Generation Teacher

Wang Yen-nien (1914-2008) was a 4th generation teacher of Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan (Yang Family Secret Taijiquan) and a 5th generation teacher of the Jin Shan Pai (Golden Mountain Sect) school of Daoist alchemy.  Born in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China, Wang became a successful military officer for the provincial warlord, Yen Xisan. 

It was during his tenure there that he became of a student of Zhang Qinlin’s through their shared participation in the Jin Shan Pai tradition.  Wang became Zhang’s disciple student and received the full Yangjia Michuan teachings before being forced to relocate to Taiwan with the Communist takeover in 1949.   

In Taiwan, Wang continued for a short time in his military capacity before retiring to become a full-time taijiquan teacher.  Wang went on to teach more than 50 years, at one point serving as Chairman for Taiwan’s National Tai Chi Chuan Association. 

The following is a timeline of Master Wang’s professional and teaching experience: 


Wang Yen-nien demonstrates rollback at a seminar.

1932 – 1934

Shanxi Province Police Academy, First Graduating Class.

1932 – 1937

Studied Yang style in Shanxi Province with Wang Xingwu, student of Yang Banhou.

1938 – 1945

Sino-Japanese War, fought under Shanxi Province Warlord General Yen Xisan, rising in rank from Platoon Leader to Company Commander, to Battalion Commander, to Regimental Commander, to Assistant Division Commander.

1945 – 1949

Received an apprenticeship with Zhang Qinlin to study the Yang Family Hidden Tradition of Taijiquan. Zhang was a student of both Yang Jianhou and Yang's son, Yang Chengfu.

1945 – 1949

Served in the civil war between the Nationalist Party and the Communist Party of China, fought under Yen Xisan, and retreated (1949) with the Nationalist government and army to Formosa (now Taiwan, the Republic of China.)

1949 – 1954

Served in the Ministry of National Defense, with a rank of Colonel, served under Yen Xisan, who was acting president of the ROX from 1949 – 1953; withdrew from government service in 1954 after Yen Xisan stepped down.


Began teaching the Yang Family Hidden Tradition of Taijiquan in a small park, which was later designated a war memorial to a group of Shanxi Province Communist resisters who committed suicide rather than stay under Communist rule.

1956 – 1986

Elected Vice-Chairman and Founding Father of the National Tai Chi Chuan Associationg of the ROC. (Original name of the NTCCA is Zhong Mei Wenhua Taijiquan Xueshu Yenjiu Hui.)

1986 – 1989

Elected Chairman, National Tai Chi Chuan Association of the ROC and the International Tai Chi Chuan Federation.


Elected Honorary President for Life of the National Tai Chi Chuan Association of the ROC.

Master Wang performing a movement from the Yangjia Michuan taijijian form.

A young Master Wang performs a movement from the Yangjia Michuan (Yang Family Secret Teaching) jian form.

Master Wang and Center Director Scott M. Rodell play tuishou ("pushing hands" exercise) at a training.

A Taiwanese article of Master Wang entitled Famous Yang Style Taijiquan Martial Artist.