Great River was founded in 1984 by a circle of serious Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) practitioners. For nearly three decades, the center has been focused on presenting the complete art, in all its aspects from the meditative to the martial. As such, Great River offers classes in the complete system from proper body mechanics and qi (chi) development learned through form work, interactive training in push hands, real self-defense practiced through full-contact sanshou, and strength training via traditional weapons as well as historical swordplay


Center Director Scott M. Rodell studied with notable masters Wang Yen-nian, T.T. Liang, and William C.C. Chen. Over the last 28 years, the center has grown from a local group into an international school with branches and affiliated school across the US and Canada, Northern & Eastern Europe, and Australia. Today, Center Director Scott M. Rodell and senior students hold regular weekly classes in Washington and lead over 25 seminars a year in Europe, Australia, and America.


Students at Great River perform the condensed Zheng’s form during a beginner’s class at the Annandale center.


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